I’m Perfect (And So Are You!) & A Giveaway

It’s January 13th-that should tell you how far behind I am in the “It’s a New Year a New You!” train. I am usually really behind in anything that trends or is popular. Like I hear those Harry Potter books were pretty big. All kidding aside though I do believe in constant self-love, self-analysis and always, […]

Why I’m Not a Team Player (And Proud of it!)

This morning I was thinking about creativity, or more specifically what being a creative person in society means to me. On a broad scale it means that I don’t fit in. Oh I may blend in, show up at parties looking presentable and may even make wonderful small talk. Perhaps I can even work in […]

Yep, That’s Me

Last month I wrote about fears and sharing our creative work. I have realized how important it is to know why you are doing (or not) doing something. When it came to sharing my poetry book with the world I was fearful, nervous and feeling pretty vulnerable however knowing why I wanted to share it […]

Weekly Updates: My Poetry Book & My Radiant Goddess Course

Well if you can believe it (and I cannot) it’s February. I like February, I like Valentine’s Day-not the Hallmark stuff but the decorations are red and pink and I think the little Valentines kids give out are sweet. As for my husband and I we generally celebrate our anniversary (dating not wedding) on the […]