My Saffiano Set-Up for January 2015

Hello all!

I don’t know about you but I am feeling so grounded this year. It’s as if I let go of a lot of schtuff that was conflicting and just settled in to do things me own way.

It’s pretty cool.

Part of my goals for the year (I don’t do resolutions) is to do more of the things I love which is blogging and making videos. I really do enjoy recording and sharing my hobbies and interests with you all and feel like I have found a system to make this happen on a more regular basis.

So exciting :)

So this week I am sharing with you, my fellow Filofax lovers, the set-up for my Filofax Saffiano Personal sized planner. I have to say I am really happy with this planner. I love the color and it’s working really well. I am however already thinking that I may just need an A5 down road.

Well ok, I don’t need an A5 but since I am using this primarily at home and don’t need to carry it with me I think an A5 will give me a bit more space to organize and such. However I am not running off to buy a new one…unless there is a really good deal on Amazon….

Today however I thought I would share with you my set-up. I spent the weekend having a play and making some dividers and stickers for my planner and really settled in so to speak. I feel it speaks to me and most importantly is working for me.

So without further adieu here is the video set up.
Be sure to look below the video either here or on my YouTube channel for the links I mention to some other wonderful Filofax resources.

Affiliate link to my Filofax Saffiano in Personal Size

My Pinterest Board for Filofax Inspiration
Follow The Dreaming Dilettante’s board Filofax on Pinterest.

My Pinterest Board for Images, Quotes & Sticker Making Follow The Dreaming Dilettante’s board Planner Images on Pinterest.

DIY Filofax Folder Tutorial by Alexis ask Ms.Trenchcoat

2015 Create Your Shining Year Workbook

Month on 2 Pages Planner Insert (Download)

Phone Calendar App: Cozi Calendar

Blog Planning Printables by Mrs. Brimbles


Until Next Time….
Michele aka, The Dreaming Dilettante


*Please note that some links on my blog may be affiliate links in which I am compensated for clicks and/or purchases. I do not recommend items that I do not personally use and enjoy however only you know your situation and nothing stated on this site should be used in place of your own best judgment.


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And the Winner is…..

I had so much fun with my latest content!

It’s so nice to give away a little thank you to your readers and most importantly-share a product you love!

A few weeks ago I shared here and on Instagram about my latest giveaway. I put all the entries names on little slips of paper and my 4 year-old daughter drew the winner…..


Congratulations Mary! I have emailed you so be sure to check your inbox!

I also want to thank everyone who entered-no worries if you didn’t win, I will be doing more giveaways in the future. Be sure you are signed up for my newsletter and are following me on social media, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube so you don’t miss out!

Until Next Time…

Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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A Return Home Through Journaling

travelersjournalOver the years I have gone in spurts, writing then not, writing again. Now, more than ever, I feel the necessity for this time of quiet introspection.

I have been researching the traveler style notebook, loving the name, the flexible cover. The idea that it would hold multiple notebooks, serving different purposes, that could then be replaced when full was extremely appealing.

I decided to give it a shot and opted for an inexpensive version I found online.
It arrived on Saturday and I was writing in it that evening.

I love it!

Now, if you are new to the concept let me say there are a ton of tutorials online on how you can make your own version relatively inexpensively. I however, after looking at materials thought the price for this one ($22.29 with shipping) was a fair price when you included the notebooks. I honestly don’t think I could have made it for that. (Although I am contemplating making more ;)

So why this an not just a regular notebook?

For me it’s purely the aesthetic.

Something that I love to look at, hold in my hand, makes me want to write in it more often. It’s that simple.
I also really love that one cover holds multiple notebooks (those of which you can easily make yourself) and when full these notebooks are stored and new ones take their place.

For 2015 my goal is to journal more often. I am not setting a specific number, just to be more aware of that voice with in. And strive to connect to it as much as I can.

If you would like to see the journal itself and perhaps buy one you can check out my affiliate link here.

You can also watch my unboxing/first thoughts video below.

Until Next Time….

Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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I’m Perfect (And So Are You!) & A Giveaway

2015WorkbookIt’s January 13th-that should tell you how far behind I am in the “It’s a New Year a New You!” train.

I am usually really behind in anything that trends or is popular.
Like I hear those Harry Potter books were pretty big.

All kidding aside though I do believe in constant self-love, self-analysis and always, always, always moving forward towards your dreams.

So I plan…ish for things.
I write stuff down so I don’t forget to do it an I look at that list regularly.
If it has a due date I write that down.
I still miss stuff.

That is where self-love comes in.

We are almost conditioned to be constantly pushing, never faltering, never making a “mistake” and always living on discipline.

Or maybe it is just the Catholic school education that makes me feel like that.

I admit that letting go of the negative thoughts-the “have-to’s” the should haves is a constant struggle for me and one I am hoping to explore more on my other blog. I prefer, instead, to set dreams in motion. To explore and have fun. To be gentle with myself, allow days to flow as they do while always moving forward in the direction of my dreams.

There are so many workbooks/planners out there and I believe they are all designed for certain people. Me? I like pretty, flexible, fun and open. I don’t want to feel like I am in school studying for a test or at work and saying, “Ok time to sit down and work on my dream.”


So the workbook that I have used for about the last 5 years maybe? Is Leonie Dawson’s Create Your Shining Year. I love this workbook so much so that I joined her affiliate program. It’s a way for me to share my love for a great product and I also earn a bit o’money as well. It’s important to me that I only share products I use and believe in and this is definitely one of them.

(I also think the products I share should be affordable and this is definitely affordable!)

I am still working through mine. Planning, dreaming, thinking, digging into myself and unearthing a lot. Some good, some a bit painful, all healthy and important.

So I thought it only fitting to share a bit of love with you guys, my readers and give you a chance to check this workbook out for yourself!

You can even join my Manifesting Group if you like to add a little support system as you start digging in.

I am really happy to announce my first giveaway of 2015!!!

You can win your very own printed copy of the Create Your Shining Year 2015 Workbook!

Entering is super simple!

1. Sign up for my newseltter
2. Tweet this post (or share on Google + and/or Instagram) just be sure to use hashtag #dreamingdilettante2015giveaway
3. Comment below that you have done all three

That’s it! I will draw a winner on January 23rd.

Or if you can’t wait you can always purchase your own copy.

If you do buy one I hope you will join me in my manifesting group-it’s a positive space for you and your dreams!

Good luck!

Remember-you are perfect, don’t make resolutions make space for the good things in your life. You so deserve this!

Until Next Time…..

Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante



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My Saffiano Planner Unboxing

Well if you are listening to my daily podcasts you know I have been eyeing a new planner for a while.

To be honest I wasn’t sure what to do because I love planners but am working towards a life that doesn’t involve a reliance to time and dates so buy a fancy calendar, kinda seemed counter-productive.

I love paper, I love notebooks and I love having a special, sacred place to record thoughts, ideas, plans and dreams in and a planner seemed like the perfect combination. I will get more into how I use the planner in another post/video but I wanted to share with you my unboxing/first impressions.

The one I purchased is the Filofax Saffianno in Personal size. I bought mine, new from Amazon. (If you decide to buy one and use this link I get an affiliate commission ;)

The price was right as I could not justify spending a lot right now on a planner. I think I spent just over $30 with shipping for mine and that was a price I felt comfortable with.
I have made a separate play list just for my planners on my YouTube channel so if you are into planners be sure to hop on over and subscribe.

As always thanks for visiting! Now on to the show!

Until Next Time….
Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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Protected: New Moon in Scorpio/Solar Eclipse Workshop

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The New Moon in Scorpio

October 23, 2014
New Moon in Scorpio with a Partial Solar Eclipse

So let’s start with, what a solar eclipse is.
A solar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon and earth all align and what we see is the moon moving across the sun.

So what does this mean for us who are trying to manifest amazing things within our lives?
This disruption in solar energy (aka the moon blocking the sun and telling it to take a break) is what kinda resets things so that we can trash the old and make way for the new.
The eclipse is almost like the period of a sentence.
Ending one chapter and making way for us to start fresh.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s a pattern, a behavior, a relationship or a job, we have the power to use this energy to help us shift.

Imagine you are gathering up this new moon/eclipse energy in a big tub.
This beautiful liquid can now be used to not only wash away the old but to water and bring to life that which we most desire.
It refreshes as equally as it cleans.

So what is Scorpio telling us?
Focus in on what you are the most passionate about.
What is the one thing that has been quietly waiting in the background just hoping for a chance to shine?

Is it a song waiting to be put to paper?
Is it finally brushing off the resume and applying for that amazing new job overseas?
Are you ready to finally give your heart to a new relationship?

Dig in deep within yourself and pull up all of those beautiful dreams that have been sitting in the shadows.
Take some time to put them in the light.

And watch the magic begin!

To help celebrate this I have created a New Moon workshop specially for the members of The Life Collective and my newsletter subscribers. If you would like to take part in the New Moon workshops sign up here and you will be sent the link to all the goodies which includes a special meditation.

Until Next Time….

-Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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Enjoy the Ride

untitled2Last post I shared with you how I have been struggling. It was a difficult post for me to write as I am not used to being vulnerable and sharing the hard parts yet I am feeling more and more called to share the complete journey that is my life experience.

Bit, by bit, the light has started to shine again. I have made a lot of conscious effort and changes in my life that I know have facilitated this change. One of the major realizations for me was that my thoughts and words were not in alignment with my actions-a sure fire way to ensure a tough road.

I was saying how I wanted to spend more time focused on my creative pursuits, with my family and building my online business yet I kept accepting more and more work for my pet sitting business.
I spoke about how I want to build a sustainable income that allows my family to be location independent yet I wasn’t acting in accordance with that.
And, I have an amazing husband. Someone who hears my struggles and rants and who always offers a sounding board and support.

One of the other little tiny shifts I made was to start up my yoga practice again. I let go of any preconceptions and just made time to practice. My goal was every day and I managed 4 out of 7. That of course didn’t sit well and I started to feel as if I was failing and all that negative talk started seeping in until I just let it go and let it be. Today I decided to practice with just an ebb and flow, doing the poses I felt I wanted to and not worry about any set order or routine. Again the thought of, “you won’t hit any goals with just a 15 minute practice you need to be doing an hour, you need to be working hard,” all started coming to me.

Then a little voice spoke up. A quiet little voice that said, “you need to start somewhere.” I am reminded of and saying that goes, “the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. the second best time is today.” It was if I expected myself to be this yogini with a dedicated 1 hour daily practice on the first day.

What’s that crap about?

And I let it go, I listened to the quiet voice, gave her a microphone and asked what else she had to say.
She’s pretty smart.
That little yoga practice turned into a little workout which turned into a feeling of accomplishment and connection with my body.
And it didn’t need to meet the expectation of anyone.
It only needed to be what I needed it to be.


I am already starting to feel that light-hearted connection with my true nature. The part that allows me to be more present and stop writing a blog post because my daughter came upstairs and wanted to curl into my lap. That allowed me to enjoy and be present with lots of kisses and giggles. That helped her make a little pink fan so she could, “be like Amber.”
(If you have little one you may know the reference but if not she is a Disney Princess)

I am able to be present in the moments and not focused on the outcome which is really a powerful gift when you get it. To be able to relax into the process makes life immediately feel as if it slows down.

And you get to enjoy the ride.

Here is to enjoying the ride.

Until next time…

Michele aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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I’m Struggling

a10mI’m struggling.

This week has been a tough one. Probably one of the toughest in a very, very long time.
I suppose I should be grateful for that.
Usually I am able to look on the bright side of things, deal with whatever “stuff” comes up emotionally and push on.
This week has been different.
I feel I am walking around in someone else’s skin.
The feeling that are whirling around me are vaguely familiar as if they are memories of my past that I have decided to pay me another visit.
I barely remember the girl that experienced them the first time.
And now, I just want it to be over.

It all started with my mother’s knee surgery taking a turn when she had a bad reaction to the medication. I made the decision to stay with her over night which caused all sorts of emotional crapola by being away from my kids, and my baby for the first time.
From there it turned into a car accident that has left me without my car, the one I waited and wanted for so long. I am extremely grateful that no one was hurt, my little boy sleeping through the whole ordeal and my little girl brave as can be. Hubby and I are the only ones showing any signs of the accident and thankfully they are just bruises.

Bruises heal. Cars can be fixed. Things don’t matter.

I know all this.

Yet I can’t help but feel sorry for myself.
Sorry for all of us because we really don’t need any more expenses.
Questioning if this all some sign from the Universe that I don’t get to have everything I am working for.
I try not to wallow.
I H A T E wallowing.
I take notice of the little, quiet spark inside.
The voice whispering to me that this too has a purpose. A greater meaning. A way to help me down this new path.

I was poised to start work on my healing artwork this week. Excited to start planning a weekly routine for my creative work. Then, this.

I heard that voice again yesterday telling me that I needed to paint.
Not to share my healing artwork but to heal from it.
To heal myself.
The whole having to have walked the walk thing.

I also felt the need to write this post. You see I don’t normally share this opening about personal situations. Kinda an old habit of privacy and all that.
Worried what others might think about it or if they would be upset that I shared too much, however I realized I have spent far too much time worrying about whether or not my actions are acceptable to others. This is my journey. My life. No one is going to live it for me, lessen my burden or solve my concerns.

It is my journey to walk and share and stumble with and make a mess of and put back together.
So I take ownership of that.
And I share it here, with you in case, like me, you are dealing with some crap.
Maybe you feel alone and as if no one really gets what you are going through.
No one cares.
Maybe you tried to share with a friend only to be yes’d to death while she texted someone else.

Just know you aren’t alone. There is a collective of people just like you experiencing life just as you are and feeling the same way.
And know that when you heal yourself, when you work through the muck and learn from it and grow from it that you add to that collective of people a ray of positivity. A light for them all to look at and hope for.
When you heal yourself you heal the collective as well.

This morning I show up for my “stuff” good and bad.
I work through it.
Paint through it.
Write through it.
Share it.
Heal it.

Until next time…
-Michele Aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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Exciting Adventures!

So it has been a whirlwind few months.
I must say that I have found myself struggling, out of sorts and just not feeling myself.
Today, I decided to jump in and get back to some creativity and business building-two things that always lift my spirits and renew my soul and energy.

Plus it is distracting me from little boy who is taking his time to arrive :)

So today, I am very excited to announce a new venture!Large_Silver_Vintage (2)
As you know I am a Stampin’ Up! Ind. Demonstrator have been having the most fun with it! Making videos, creating projects and sharing all of this with you!

I recently learned about a fun company that makes floating lockets and with my love of jewelry and especially personalized jewelry it seemed like such a great fit!
I love having the ability to easily customize amazing gifts or a locket for any occasion (or mood!)

South Hill Designs is a fairly new company but I just know you will love their product lines. Not to mention how easily they coordinate with Stampin’ Up! and the fun cards or boxes you can make for truly a one of a kind gift!

So while I wait for baby (and my Starter Kit) to arrive I will be having some fun planning, learning and anticipating both of these exciting new adventures! You can visit my online store right here. (And the best part? Whether you are in Canada, USA or UK you can shop with me and Join My Team!)

And, as a thank you to all my readers and newsletter subscribers I wanted to share with you a special! If you enroll with the $199 kit between now and the end of May you will receive a FREE Coin & Screen Kit valued at $141!!

I would be so honored to have you as a part of my team and begin this amazing journey with me. Joining is simple just click here and your kit will be on it’s way to you! The best part is you will have immediate access to your back office so you literally can get started TODAY! (I did :)

As always I am so happy that I get to share creativity, excitement and FUN here with all of you! Thank you so much for being a part of my crazy journey!

Until Next Time…

Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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