Tea Party to Welcome Baby

tea3Today was a beautiful day.
It has been a rough week for me and I really needed the gentleness of today.
My mother, daughter and I went to a local tea house to celebrate our new baby due next month. When my daughter was coming, I was given a beautiful baby shower and it was such a nice way to welcome her into the family. However with this little guy I wanted something quiet, relaxing and gentle.

I decided a tea party would be perfect!

Having never been to this (or any other tea house) we really didn’t know what to expect and to be honest, that was part of the fun! We had delicious scones with clotted cream, salad, quiche and I tea4enjoyed a decaf marzipan tea (which I had to buy to enjoy again at home!)

Afterwards we came home, sat on the front porch while the little girl played, hubby did some yard work and mom and I chatted. 64 degrees, and gorgeous it was completely my kind of day! I am balanced, and feel like myself again.

I also promised my podcast listeners that I would share some pictures of our Easter chocolate making. For those who don’t know, my mother and I would make Easter chocolates when I was a kid and the molds have been passed down to me. It is a nice tradition to continue with my own kids. Even though my little girl was more interested in playing with her “dancing fairy” and eating the chocolate :)

Melts, bunny bags-ready to go!

Melts, bunny bags-ready to go!

Melted yumminess

Melted yumminess

Ready for the fridge!

Ready for the fridge!





I hope however you celebrate that you are having a beautiful weekend.
Until Next Time…

Michele aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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My First Altered Book

IMG_20130819_174222_976I had a creative week but feel like my creative wave is starting to slow.
I am becoming more introverted, more reclusive and feeling like I want to retreat within to a nice cozy warm cocoon.

And I am totally ok with this!

I love writing my blog posts, creating videos and sharing my love for all things creative.
And it seems to fit so nicely with my new found reclusive nature.
As I mentioned in a recent podcast I wanted to start sharing a bit more of the creative projects I am working on here. Last week I started work on some altered books and then found a really amazing tutorial on YouTube on using an old book cover to make a junk journal. It was such an easy project and I had a lot of fun doing it. As I went through, creating your pages, there is a bit of a “letting go” that happened that was extremely freeing.

I made a video to share my completed project (there is also a link to the tutorial I used). I haven’t decided what I am going to use the book for but I will share once I do.

I hope you enjoy it! And if you make your own I would love to see it!

Until Next Time…
Michele Fawcett aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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Riding the Creative Wave

I love riding the creative wave.

If you are a regular reader, or podcast subscriber you know that I talk often about basking in the abundance of a creative heat wave.

I am in one now and just having so much fun!
I have been planning my business, focusing on what matters and the truth is that other “stuff” just seems to be melting away.
I love it.

One of the creative projects I am working on now is adding to my Etsy shop some cardmaking & journal making kits. I am still working on the details but planning on offering the kits as well as finished cards in the shop which is fun!

I am also really excited to announce that I am going to be running the Art Journaling Workshop: Connecting with Your Creative Self again! It will start on April 1st and run until April 30th. If you missed it last time around you will definitely want to sign up for this fun, easy and relaxed group. For more details you can read about it here.

So that’s me, riding the creative wave.
Hope you can join me!

Until Next Time…
Michele Fawcett, aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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Goal Setting & Dreams Come True

cropped-a1m1.jpgI love when things work out.
It seems a lot of times I plan, I visualize and then..nada!
Yet somehow, this year things are different for me.
Maybe I am just different.
I have been so focused on the goals I have set down for myself and making the time to revisit and plan a bit more and you know what? It works!

Who knew?

I wish I could definitively tell you what the difference is.
Did I just put in enough inner work to clear my mind and clear my focus?
Is this just my year?
Maybe a little of each and a whole lot of other things I don’t understand or are even aware of.

What I do know is how great it feels!
I talked in today’s podcast how I had set a monthly sales goal for my new Stampin’ Up! business. Over the weekend I sat down and reviewed my goals and realized how close I was to the end of the month.
And how I still had $150 in sales to go.
So I sat and tried to think of ways to still hit my goal.
And I decided to share with my clients.
To be honest, and tell them about the goals I have set and how close I was to achieving it.
And you know what?
It worked!

I know it’s nothing new, this isn’t a radical concept.
However the reality is when what you truly love to do, is what you are actually doing.
Things align.

What do you love to do?
What are you passionate about?
Share in the comments below.
Let’s support each other!

Until next time…
Michele Fawcett, aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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Smashbooking: What to Put in Yours

I currently own 3 Smashbooks. I must admit I have a bit of a stationary addiction and I do love these little books.

Smashbook1My first one I purchased started out as a book that I printed out all the Pinterest crafts I wanted to do. It worked out well for a while then I decided to change it so I pulled the pages.

Not really logical but I have this need for my journals to have a central theme.
Maybe it’s the writer in me.
Anyway the book them morphed into a Full Moon Journal/Dream Journal type thing but I haven’t done much with it lately.

I then purchased 2 more journals for no other reason than the fact that they were pretty and I had plans for them.
I don’t remember what they were.

What I do like about these is the fact that they pages easily come out through the 3 ring-binder and you can add pages to them which is really cool.

And they still sat empty save for 1 2-page spread I did back in September.

So I decided that I just need to get over myself, sit down and put a page together.
It didn’t have to be big, or have this tight, cohesive theme.
I decided on the them of “Me” which I think gives me a lot of play room!

And since I did spend time scouring the Internet looking for Smashbook inspiration I felt it might be helpful to others to share what I came up.
You can see my video below:



Until Next Time…
Michele Fawcett, aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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You Can Create Anything!

It’s been a fun few weeks!
Regular listeners to my podcasts know that some of my latest creative endeavors, besides my Art Journaling Workshop, that I have been playing a lot with paper, stamping and card making. I have also been enjoying the fun of creating a new blog to share my adventure as a Stampin’ Up Independent Demonstrator.

Lots of fun!

I am starting to really connect the creative process to my day to day life and the connection has been extremely powerful. It’s what I studied as a Creatively Fit Coach with Whitney Freya and it really makes a difference in how we approach our lives.
When you create something, a painting, a song, a poem, anything, you are taking something that didn’t exist and giving it form.
I am not sure we recognize the power in that.

Something, that moments before you thought of it didn’t exist and more importantly wasn’t a possibility until YOU created it in your mind. From that thought you brought it into tangible form and suddenly, it exists.

Can you feel the power in that?
Can you see why when others tell you something can’t be done it just means it can’t be done by them?
Can you feel how if you channeled that creativity into say, your dream job, your relationships, your finances that there is nothing you cannot do?

Not a thing.

You can manifest change in your life simply by being the catalyst to create change.
Simple. Powerful. Strong.

Until Next Time….
Michele Fawcett, aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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Creating My Amazing 2014

Recently I was asked to create a follow-up video to my 2014 Planner video. The timing was perfect because I had been thinking of doing one and incorporating how I use Leonie Dawson’s “2014  Create Your Amazing Year” workbook so I finally took advantage of all the snow the East Coast has been getting and created my video.


One of the things I realized last year was the power behind these books when you, well, use them! I know it sounds obvious but I always filled them out and kinda thought,
“Ok it’s in my head, I know what I want to make happen I am good!”

The truth is though it’s not enough.
Planning is not enough.
You need to make space for your dreams.
You need to make time for your dreams.

That’s how things happen.

If you ever wondered, “how does so-and-so get so much done?”
This is how!

So here is my follow-up video. A big thanks to Fran for asking for it. I hope you enjoy!

Until Next Time…
Michele aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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Featured Artist at Jennibellie Studio

TAT-Ivebeenafeaturedartist-buttonRegular listeners to my podcasts or those participating in my Art Journaling Workshop have heard me talk about Jennibellie’s videos and art. I love her YouTube videos and she is the one that really inspired my latest art journaling addiction.

I am so honored to be this week’s featured artist on her site! Every Tuesday she does a “Tell-All Tuesday” and this week she is featuring me. If you have a moment and can pop over to her blog and read it I would love to know what you think!

It is so nice when artists, creatives and bloggers support one another. To be featured on the site of someone whose work you admire is even an added bonus! Thank you Jenni for including me!

Until Next Time…
Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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Connecting from the Inside Out

I was so honored to be included in Whitney Freya’s Create YOU Telesummit. It was such a fun experience. In the past I am always the one conducting the interview so it was quite different being on the other side of things :) Many of you may have signed up and heard the amazing artists that took part.

I did want to share with you my interview. I talk about how I have realized that true artistry, whether on the canvas or in life needs to come from within us. While we can be inspired by others our true path, our real expression comes from within us.

I hope you enjoy the interview! Feel free to comment below I would love to know what you thought! Have a beautiful day!

Until next time….

Michele aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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My Latest Dilletante Adventure! (And a FREE Gift to YOU! :)

Regular listeners to my daily podcasts heard me talk about the new craft products I have been looking into.

By looking into I mean obsessively pouring over catalogs and watching YouTube videos :)

This week I had the opportunity to attend a workshop and actually use some of these products and to be honest, it completely sold me!

The products are called Stampin’ Up! and to say it’s just stamps is QUITE the understatement.
They are beautiful papers, embellishments, markers, pens and yes stamps.

Personally, I always loved the beautiful stamped projects I would see others do and was always disappointed when I tried them myself. The images were blurred or had that tell-tale “stamp border” around it.

So much like my many failed attempts at cut out cookies I assumed I lacked the stamping gene and just kept my pretty stamps in boxes.

After using these ink pads and stamps I have realized I do not lack the stamping gene, I lacked quality products. The part that I really loved is how inspired I was by all the products and the catalogs. So I decided to sign up so I could have all the latest products first hand-and at a discount which let’s face it-as a crafter is always helpful!

What I am really looking forward to is the entirely new array of YouTube videos that  I can bring to you all! I already have projects in mind and as soon as my new start-up kit arrives I will be filming a video to share with you my new toys, tell you about the amazing promotions and sharing a new project! It’s really exciting and I hope you enjoy them!

I created a blog as a subset to this main blog for those interested in paper crafting and stamping. You can visit that by clicking on “The Dilettante Stamps” above or by clicking here.

If you want to receive updates, specials, promos etc.
you can sign up for my newsletter here.

*Please note even if you are subscribed to my daily podcasts you will still need to sign up for this list. I never want to spam anyone :)*

So as a bit of a kick-off to my new little adventure I wanted to offer a FREE GIFT! to everyone who signs up to my brandy new newsletter! Sign up for my newsletter by February 28th and you will receive a FREE gift via snail mail! Just a little token of my appreciation for your support on this new adventure.

If you are anxious (like I am!) to check out these products right away you can do that by clicking here.

Until Next Time…

Michele, Stampin’ Up! Independent Demonstrator, aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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