Do You Feel the Call?

It’s been a beautiful few days. Last week I was offered an amazing and beautiful opportunity to attend a workshop on the other side of the country. The workshop spoke to me as if it were calling out. There were so many signs and The Universe seemed to be shouting, “GO! This is what you have […]

Enjoy the Ride

Last post I shared with you how I have been struggling. It was a difficult post for me to write as I am not used to being vulnerable and sharing the hard parts yet I am feeling more and more called to share the complete journey that is my life experience. Bit, by bit, the […]

Featured Artist at Jennibellie Studio

Regular listeners to my podcasts or those participating in my Art Journaling Workshop have heard me talk about Jennibellie’s videos and art. I love her YouTube videos and she is the one that really inspired my latest art journaling addiction. I am so honored to be this week’s featured artist on her site! Every Tuesday […]

Being Seen: A Guide to Sharing & Promoting

I have never been very good at promoting myself. I am great at promoting others but feel kinda silly promoting myself. I feel like I don’t need the light to shine on me so why not send it on to someone who would benefit more. The truth is we all have something unique and special […]

Connecting, Doing and Creative Play

If you are a regular reader you know that I started the year off with Leonie Dawson’s 2013 Create Your Incredible Year Calendar and Workbook. It is actually my 4th year with the workbook but for reasons I can’t seem to explain, it was different. I was different. Something within me this year was yelling, […]