Winding into the Weekend

Well, it’s official, I am tired. This week feels unusually long and while it’s been a very nice week I am feeling like I could sleep the whole of the weekend away. Not that I want to. I am excited for some projects around the house but I am also aware of the need to be gentle with myself so I may just have to take a daily nap for a bit.

The kids and I have been waking early, something I have always wanted and yet my night owl body is still whining a bit under the transition. I do like having so much accomplished before the day even gets going and the mornings feel much slower and more relaxed. Most days anyway.

My morning routine is now including 2 dogs, 3 cats and a bunny that need feeding. Our new dog Luna is still working on her house training and being comfortable in a family environment so I often have to carry her outside so she can sniff things out. She is doing pretty well considering and I can see a bit of her personality coming out as she gains more and more confidence.

Our new rabbit Frank is also a really sweet guy and I am working on giving him an even bigger play area to stretch his legs each day.I need to make him some felt liners to lay down in the kitchen so he can have a run and trying to find the best way to do it.

My Stampin’ Up! business is going well and I am finding my groove with the 3 times/week video makes and uploads. I am still building my new YouTube channel and really want to get into a weekend recording schedule. The past 2 weeks have been broken up with Father’s Day and a trip away for Scott so I haven’t really had a full weekend to do it. I think this weekend will be different and I will be able to get next week’s content all loaded up.

I also made the decision this week to go back to my creative podcasts. I am going to be sharing them on my Facebook page and blog and I am looking forward to recording them. I haven’t decided when I will record them each day but I have missed that little check in and a happy to get back to it.

I plan to have more videos to share over on my Vlog as well so if you haven’t signed up and you like unboxings and day in the life type videos you may want to subscribe. I will be sure to post here as well when the new videos go live.

I hope your week is going well and that if, like me, you find yourself in need of a nap you take the time to curl up and enjoy.

Until next time…