Shifting From a Bad Day

Shifting your alignment when you are having a “bad day” can seem like a virtually impossible task. Once we are witnesses to all of the problems that need addressing and the negative attitudes of those around us how is it possible? How do we move from the reality of what we don’t want into the realm of possibility where all the things we want are?

We first must develop a simple practice that grounds us and connects us of our purpose. Connection comes when we make space (or if you prefer take time) each day to reconnect with the higher aspect of ourselves. We lift our energies, connect with Spirit, God, the angels (or whatever feels right and true for you). This higher energy is where we can find clarity and are reminded of our infinite power and how beautifully supported we are by The Universe. It is here, in this magical sphere of being that we are reminded it is not our circumstances, but rather our perception of our circumstances that determines how we feel. 

When we are fearful, angry, sad and we attach to this emotion a negative definition we are in that moment creating negativity in our lives. As creators of our own life experiences we get to set the determination for any experience as either positive or negative. Perhaps even more accurately, we have the choice to completely remove the duality view of positive and negative and see life more accurately as just being. 

So how do we make the connection to Spirit or our Higher Self?

A daily meditation practice is the easiest way to start and I would like to share with you that this can be a simple practice. The most important part of all of this is setting the intention of connecting to spirit. So whether you sit in your car for 5 minutes before going in to work and hum a mantra, journal each day talking with your Higher Self in written form or participate in a more traditional view of meditation sitting cross legged in front of a meditation altar-all of these ways are perfect. The only detail that matters is if they align with you, feel gentle, peaceful and you are able to make the intention of connection.

Once we build a practice of connection we can then allow the reminders to come when our day is not progressing in a manner that feels in alignment with our truth or purpose. We can choose to see the gift, the lesson, the opportunity for growth and expansion in each and every moment. When we see others as part of this Grand Design, with no one being more or less than another no element, tree, insect or mineral being more or less important then we are able to see that there is no bad, no good, simply expansion and being-ness. We are able to move in love. 

How do we recognize the reminders? 

When we feel in a way that we do not wish to feel-that is our reminder. We can then take an active role in the creation of our experience and consciously choose to focus on something that brings us joy, happiness or just by reminding ourselves of an experience during meditation. Offering love and light to those that are offering contrast is the truest way to bring us back to peace.

Of course this can be challenging. We are human and it isn’t always easy to choose this road but that is where the intention comes in. If we set the intention each day and in moments when we feel the most contrast to align with love and light we offer the world and ourselves the greatest gift.

Wishing you all much love and light!

Until next time,