Meet our New Family Members

bunnyNow, if have been reading my blog at all you know that I believe in synchronicity and The Universe aligning. For the past year my daughter and I have talked of getting a bunny and researched and watched videos on the care of bunnies. (I did have a beautiful bunny-Allie Rose-that shared my home office with me for 10 years but I still felt I needed to learn more). About a week ago I started thinking about it again. I was watching videos and imagining how we could make it work. When the client texted me and asked if we would peak in on her bunny I knew it was mean to be.

My daughter chose the name Frank for the bunny which, as it turned out was my client’s fathers name and the day we picked him was the anniversary of his funeral.

Sometimes things just line up.

So now we have a full house of animals once more. 2 dogs, 3 cats and a rabbit too.

Pretty much everyone around me says, “you are nuts.” I get it I mean it sounds like a lot but the truth is-it is my kind of a lot. See, I have spent so long consciously creating my life. Learning what I wanted, saying no to things I didn’t and now I feel that I am finally in this place embracing this life I worked so hard to create.

Years ago I came up with a mantra for my year. It was Family. Home. Art. Basically if something I was Luna's first daybeing offered didn’t line up to the goals I set for those 3 things then I didn’t do it. I am blessed now with the life that is focused on those three things. Don’t get me wrong fear kicked up about taking in all these pets or what the house would be like. I thought how I said I wanted quiet, I wanted to just be in my house and coast along however that was keeping me small. That was dreaming about the river, getting there and just dangling your feet in the water saying, “it’s ok I am really happy just sitting here on the bank.”

And I was. I was happy to just hang out with things as they were. Only, I built this life and I want to watch it grow not just stay the same. I want to jump into the river and laugh and get dunked and get shocked by the cold and I want to feel the feelings that come from going to the river you always dreamed up.

Here’s to your river of dreams (since after I wrote the previous line that song became stuck in my head).

Until next time…