Do You Feel the Call?

Vision-Quest_blackIt’s been a beautiful few days.

Last week I was offered an amazing and beautiful opportunity to attend a workshop on the other side of the country. The workshop spoke to me as if it were calling out.
There were so many signs and The Universe seemed to be shouting,
“GO! This is what you have been looking for!!!”

I decided to take some time and consult with myself.
I took to my journal, thought, took inventory and really thought about this amazing opportunity.

And it is an amazing opportunity to do work that I really want to be doing.

Just not now.

That was the answer I found when I really thought about leaving my family for 5 days, traveling across county and delving deep into this work that I knew was so right for me.

It can be so hard to sift through the muck and really take inventory and decide what is right for YOU.

Regular readers of my site and listeners to my podcasts have heard me talk about Vision Quest. Maybe you saw my video or even clicked over to the link and for one reason or a not haven’t decided whether or not you want to sign up.
There has been a lot of great information about Vision Quest but really it boils down to this: something either speaks to you or it doesn’t.

If a part of you has been wanting to join Vision Quest, if you have been thinking about it then maybe it’s worth focusing some time to see if it really is something you want to do.

Tomorrow, September 10th at 11am EST I will be setting the intention and focusing my energy on sending out a beacon of light to those who are truly meant to join me on this amazing journey. I trust that it will reach those it is meant to reach.

If you haven’t decided, why not join me tomorrow at 11am EST and quiet your mind for a few minutes and listen to that still, soft voice within. Do you hear the call? If so, I would love for you to join me. If not, perhaps we will journey again some time or dance in another way. At the very least know that during those few minutes I will be sending out love, light and healing energy to all my fellow dilettantes.

Until next time…

Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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