Filofax Friday: Planning for the Week

Welcome to Filofax Friday! I am really excited to be taking part and hope to make this a weekly series here on the blog as well as my YouTube channel so please comment below and tell me what sorts of things you want to see. So last week I went and purchase not one, not […]

I’m Perfect (And So Are You!) & A Giveaway

It’s January 13th-that should tell you how far behind I am in the “It’s a New Year a New You!” train. I am usually really behind in anything that trends or is popular. Like I hear those Harry Potter books were pretty big. All kidding aside though I do believe in constant self-love, self-analysis and always, […]

Enjoy the Ride

Last post I shared with you how I have been struggling. It was a difficult post for me to write as I am not used to being vulnerable and sharing the hard parts yet I am feeling more and more called to share the complete journey that is my life experience. Bit, by bit, the […]

You Can Create Anything!

It’s been a fun few weeks! Regular listeners to my podcasts know that some of my latest creative endeavors, besides my Art Journaling Workshop, that I have been playing a lot with paper, stamping and card making. I have also been enjoying the fun of creating a new blog to share my adventure as a […]

Use What You’ve Got Art Journaling Challenge: Pages 1-4

About 2 weeks ago I started a “Use What You’ve Got” Art Journaling Challenge.” This came about when I realized that I was captivated by watching YouTube videos on art journaling and had yet to do any pages myself. I was watching these beautiful pages come about and it didn’t take long for me to […]