100 Days of Happiness

IMG_7489I feel as if I have been whirling as of late. Caught in this, seemingly never-ending whirlpool that is taking me around and around bouncing me into walls, unearthing my coordination.

Then there are moments when it spits me out, shooting me into the open water like a rocket and I giggle or cry and think “man what an amazing ride!” or “crap what in the hell just happened?!”

(If you would like a clearer visual it reminds me of a scene in Finding Nemo-
“Grab shell dude!”
If you haven’t seen “Finding Nemo” then you need to stop reading this and go watch it. Like now.)

Lately I have been studying, seeking, growing, stumbling, deepening, freaking out and just all and all working to shed the old and embrace the new. It’s a messy, gorgeously beautiful and often times crappy experience.

Seem like an oxymoron?

Yup, it’s that too.
But hey you are on the “Dreaming Dilettante’s” site not the “consistent and steady site” so I think it’s cool to throw out the never-ending curveballs that are my life.

I love it.

I could not imagine living another way.
I crave the knowledge, the learning, finding purpose.
I live for the fascinating reads and life altering conversations that make you go,

I love the journey.

I have been working to find my happy place.
Silly right? I mean a happy place shouldn’t be work right?

You shouldn’t have to make lists and plans and arrange the exact route that is going to lead to your happy place.

Happiness just is.
Not elusive or hard to find.
Not something you work into but rather something you rest in.
You ease into happiness when you just simply let go of the things that make you unhappy.
The release of thoughts that don’t feel good.
The actions and processes that limit and keep you stuck in the muck.

It’s that simple and that hard.

I am focusing instead on being the vibration of joy, happiness and ease to attract more of that to my life. To meet more and more like-minded souls who believe in living the joy and taking account of the little moments.

I trust in the energy of this attraction.

I don’t know about you but I am so grateful to the internet for being this always open porthole to a seemingly endless doorway to knowledge and diversity. I love social media and being able to connect with others.

I remember one time a friend of mine made a comment about not understanding Instagram and why people would want to post pictures of their food.

For me it wasn’t about that.

I looked at Instagram as a way for me to search my days for those moments.
Seemingly small, everyday moments that when focused on increased that feeling of well-being. Something that was happy, joyful and for that one moment caused me to pause, take out my phone and snap a picture to share with others who may also find joy in it.

It helped me notice the small things.
Even if it was just the pretty arrangement of my coffee cup next to my laptop.

Even if I had to re-arrange them to make them visually appealing.
In fact especially if I had to rearrange them because then it reminded me that at any time in our life it things aren’t what you would like them to be that you are in a position to make changes.

Even if all you can do is move a coffee cup.

So when I heard here about the 100 Happy Days Challenge I felt that it was something I had to do.

I am not sure if you are like me but I have actually been avoiding certain social media. I was tired of the horrible photos people were sharing. Further evidence of all the horrific things in the world.

I’m not saying that I am not guilty of sharing the “problem” myself online but I have been making a conscious effort to share more uplifting, positive posts. While I fully appreciate “being real” and sharing the ups and downs of life, I wholeheartedly believe that what you focus on (ie share) is what you are giving attention to and it’s the attention that attracts the equivalent into your life.

More importantly, if you spend your day sharing all the bad things-what have you spent your day focused on? How on earth can you feel happiness in the simplicities of life’s joy when you are writing about and sharing the negative?

I want to spread joy online rather than promoting all of the things that are perceived as being wrong or bad. I want people to be so focused with all the ways they can spread joy and so consumed with love and happiness that they don’t have time to notice what’s wrong. It is my whole-hearted belief that the world is changed, expanded and improved by a collective focus on the positive not by berating and highlighting the negative.

So here’s the challenge:

100 days
100 happy pics
Shared via platform of choice-mine is Instagram.

That’s it.

Simple right?

Awesome right?


I am even going to try and vlog/blog about it over the next 100 days too. Share what I have noticed, changes, feedback etc. so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, Instagram and my newsletter to get all the delicious positivity sent right to you.

It all begins (for me) with the new moon on Friday August 14th. 

Cannot wait to start sharing!

Until Next Time…

-Michele, aka The Dreaming Dilettante

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